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myff admin

Christmas moan

We invited my BIL to Christmas dinner this week, something I hate doing as he brings a cloud of unsociable gloom with him, but he's got no one else and so we tolerate having him flatten the occasion.

But we ask him what he wanted for Xmas, and he said an Ipod Nano   having figured out what they cost my wife phoned him to point out that we can't afford to spend that much on our kids, so can he be more sensible? So he told her a DVD recorder  

In our family brothers and sister don't buy for each other, we just sort the kids out.  And that is only on a voluntary basis (ie if you can afford it), only talking stocking fillers like a fiver a piece.  I have 7 kids and 15 nieces and nephews, so it soon racks up.

People really do need to be sensible about Christmas, and only spend what you can afford.  One year all the kids got was a fiver each, was all we could afford, and they were totally fine about it.  I don't believe for a second that people should be taking out loans and severely skinting themselves to spend hundreds on the latest gizmos.

Peace and love, singing Christmas carols with the kids, mince pies and Christmas cake, is all more fun than seeing how much you can spend.
myff admin

Both our kids (okay they are 18 and 20) have basically said they are not fussed about getting anything, we have found a couple of small nice things for my brother and his wife and will get theirs kids something, though the total that will cost, will not be the price of a dvd record ffs  

Other people are getting hampers or home madeish items. So one friend will get a posh bottle of home made Sloe Gin along with two rather nice glasses I got from a car boot sale.

We also give things like Kiva vouchers:

What we do buy I put a lot of time into thinking about so I is not useless tat, and sometimes I grit my teeth and fork out a lot, last year the BIL got a decent digital camera, he asked for one and to save aggro and as such a thing would be used I got it, but is was taking the piss then and has just encouraged him to try and take the piss again  

*wants captions on all UK talk*  

Actually I've gotten rather used to hearing some of it, so it mostly makes sense!

Anyway... I agree, the kids get gifts, everybody else in my family doesn't really mind - never been a rich family.  But, I'm the youngest of 4 kids and I'm 22.  So, right now the grandchildren get gifts, mostly just from their parents (only ones nearby though are me and my sister), but still, I get a few things for other people when I see something they'd like.

well Bravo is one of the only people i know who beats me family wise lol.

I only have 11 nieces and nephews.

Gonna be around 20 people at my house for christmas dinner on xmas day lol, a propper family christmas (nexcept my brother cos he's working.)

All in a nice not very big 3 bedroom semi-detached council house lol.  

And then probably another xmas dinner on boxing day when my brother comes to visit.  

There is ALWAYS one seat less than you need.

Bean bag time  

Bravo wrote:
There is ALWAYS one seat less than you need.

Bean bag time  

fold-able garden chair FTW! Forum Index -> Off Topic
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