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chitchatandstuff link exchange wanted

Hey all, Im a new forum, looking to get members. My site is a general chat site, chatting about everything really, from life to films, news, kids, music, just about everything really. I want to build a community of friendly people, who want to share life experiences and offer help and advice on anything really. Also we have daily forum games to play that are really fun to join in with.

I am willing to post your link in my forum, i'm not sure the best way to do this, but I'm eager to learn. Anyone interested, please contact me please check us out and see if you can help us



I run a computer support forum and am interested in link exchange, what's your username on your board. We can communicate further through your board.

My site (its also new)

You'll see i've just registered on your board as Marc6678

Hi there,

If you like the simpsons then you are in the right place! You can chat about the simpsons world like the Kwiki Mart,Mr.Burns House,Moe's Taven,Elementary School and many more! You can talk about the simpsons in general! They is so much stuff on the forum! Also they are loads of other cool sections like entertainment,Consoles & Games,And even normal chat! And sometimes they are some quiz's on,or you could run one,so plenty of things to do around the forum!

We are also running two brillant competitions! One is if you post 10 posts around the forum you will get a FREE LED torch! And the other one if about getting members from you to join! So they is plenty of prizes to go around! So what are you waiting for...

So thats my forum information!

So would you be happy do exchange? Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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