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Cheap ink

Ink can be so expensive, in fact my ink cost more to replace than the printer copst me.

52 to replace all colours at once.

30 to get them refilled at a shop

Then i looked online and got all 4 replaced ofr only 9.99 inc vat and free delivery which arrived the next day .....

So i thought id share the link as its not my site and wont effect MYFF in anyway...

I bought a laser printer, the toner is expensive but it lasts for ages and saves money in the long run.
myff admin

I know I have said it before, but several years ago now I spent over 500 on an Epsom CX11N colour laser. I have had to replace one of the colour cartridges since then, and whether full or low of toner (and another colour has been warning low for about a year) the copies are as good as the first copy I had out of the thing. It is cheaper on the ink than an inkjet, but the main point is that it just keeps going and going without any aggravation.

Problem I'm having with ink is...

I try to save it, but when I do need to print something my ink has dried in the cartridge.   I have a lexmark Z645 printer.

lasers are so much better right now, melts the powder directly onto the page, which means there's no need for the fluid ink which takes up so much more space for the same amount of prints. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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