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[Chat & Such] phpBB4

So What your thoughts of phpBB4 would be and, hope see on it?

There no phpBB4 right now. But by 2015 I hope for a early build release.

Features I think be cool.

1: Can change Member ID via ACP

2: Advanced BBcodes. I know we have some. But I would like we can Include more tags. Like {USERNAME}, {PAGE} and maybe more.

3: 1-∞ Signature Limit. Highest you can go on phpBB3 without Modify code is 9999.

4: More Ranks. Maybe allowed more ranks Display. Like V.I.P 2, Best Helper. I understand we can do a such with MyFF phpBB2 And I appreciate we can.

5: HTML. We should be allowed use HTML again. Since you can change any text color with it. so do color bbcode but HTML allows you do to other such.

6: Multi Accounts. We can have more then one account tired to yours main one. So you can have a Member permissions and a Admin Permissions account. And on ACP you can define how many accounts allowed be made for Admins and Moderators. Well for any groups.

7: Already Banned Badwords. Would make it so much easy then doing *badword*. But you can remove them if it an Adult Forum. But I don't allow any adult contact on my forums. If any posted be remove.

8: Enchanted User Profile. Have we can post a Visitor messages and can see them Albums and such. Like vBulletin.

9: VShop/VCash So can make a shop and such.

10: Master Password. It be a good idea you can have two passwords. So if someone figure out your password they will now need know your master password. That is Random Generate and when you Register it will send to your email. But it only popup on other IPs. But you can change your Master Password if liked. But it will not allow you until reach a certain amount of posts. I will set mine to 15 to ensure.

That all I can think of right now.
Hope see MyFF have phpBB4 in future if phpBB4 ever release.
myff admin

Two things, really.

An admin panel that does not confuse the life out of people.

Code that respects the fact that multi-forums systems are a fact of life. Altering the phpbb2 code to enable multi-forum was something I cheerfully accepted, finding phpbb3 was even more painful I did not cheerfully accept

There is in my view little to no improvement in the coding of phpbb3, hence its additional and often pointless complexity has just made everyones lives more difficult.

Integration (optional) with various social media.
Real time updating.
Multi device friendly.
app integration. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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