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David Halfpenny

Changing URL

My forum is

For contractual reasons it has separated from the organisation called "g1mra" so I need to change the URL.

I searched HOWTODOIT using keywords Change and URL and read:
"to change the URL you must Email Admin at admin[at] with your forum name and address and the email and password used to set up the forum.

I sent an email like that on 30 April 14, but haven't heard back yet.

Please advise.

Thanks, David
myff admin

my apologies, the request was in the middle of a pile of spam.

It is done now, note the old link remains active until you ask for it to be removed.
David Halfpenny

myff admin wrote:
It is done now

Thank you very much, Admin.

Please can you point me to instructions about how to complete the change?

For example;

= the old name appears as part of the page Style,

= my browser address bar still comes up with the old name when i open a Post or Topic.


myff admin

If you use the new address that is the one that will appear in the address bar.

Looking admin/general configuration to change board name.
David Halfpenny

Magic! All done now.

I hadn't dared mess with that setting!

Thanks, Admin!

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