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Changing topic title
searched on "change topic title", "topic title", "title"

A member in my forum started a new topic, however, he entered a wrong title for it.
I have been looking all over the moderator panel how to change the title of a topic, but am unable to find it.

Could someone help me out here, please?

Thank you in advance.
myff admin

Surely it is just a matter of editing the first post of the topic.

OMG, how could I be SOOOOO stupid ??????    

I was sat there looking all over the mod panel.
Must be my age catching up with me.

But, anyway, thanks for ;etting me know.

This is also the same method if you want to make a topic sticky, I remember searching high and low wanting to make a topic someone had posted into a sticky  

Phew! Glad to know I am not the only one then. Forum Index -> Running your community
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