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Changing main template logo, why is it not working?

Template name - lots, I have tried at least 3 and currently trying on the smartdark one

Please indicate keywords you have searched on: Urm logo, changing logo, urm, changing image, cellpic3.gif, logo_phpBB.gif

Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>>

OK, I have saved my logos as the EXACT same logo names as used in each of the templates and uploaded them in EDIT TEMPLATES/LOGOS by choosing myfs_potholes1 (I have also tried 2/3 AND4!) and then uploaded my image with the SAME name as the current image and also then selected it (I have tried NUMEROUS times) and NONE of them have changed the actual logo on the site.  

I have read all the instructions I can find on the search and help forums and all I can see is that I need to rename the image I want to use as a logo as the EXACT same name as the file I wish to replace - I have done that, I have used the same pixel size and I have had NO error messages in smartdark (although I did in some other templates) I am just told that my file logo_phpBB.gif has been uploaded or my file cellpic3.gif has been uploaded and yet nothing has changed.

I am getting incredibly frustrated - exactly what am I doing wrong and why won't they overwrite the logo?

I did manage to upload my main logo into extremedarkred template but this was as another file name as it wouldn't accept my logo with the same name as the one it used.... Am I just picking the wrong templates? Is there a standard template that WILL let me amend the logos and what the heck has everyone else been doing cos no one else seems to have had this much bother......


I have used this information here and just tried again - nope.

I did manage to make the cellpic3.gif the main logo - which would be GREAT if the cellpic3.gif had been overwritten with my logo as it is supposed to be as I have uploaded it and named it as such......

myff admin

Clearing cache is the usual issue.

Ooooh! That worked - thanks

Now I just need to go back and make that little logo back to what it was - thanks.  

*goes off to start again with the template and then to search for how to change a background image* Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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