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Changing Logo

So, I looked in the ''how to do it'' pages, and I'm a bit of a dumb one, and I still don't understand.

Can someone please tell me how to upload the logo I have to my site? and also how to centre it?

Or if someone else can do it for me, that'd be cool :P

myff admin

All we can do is repeat howtodoit as that is where we try and put simple guides.

If you really want a centered logo then pick a base template where the logo is already centered, otherwise you will need to learn html so you can customise it yourself, we have 100's of base templates so you should be able to find something workable.

first, you need to copy the template to one of four slots, so you can edit it, you may need to create a new account called editor and give it admin rights, so you can start to edit the template, I'd suggest copying the template you want to slot 1 and 2 and use slot 2 to edit, this will allow you to test dits without muking up slot 1 for members, once you happy the edit on slot 2 is working/looking good, then you can copy it across.

Once you get a template to the empty slots, your logo should be called something like this: logo_phpBB.gif Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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