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Changing banner colours?

Hi I'm not a site owner, I'm just working with my admin to get some changes made and I thought maybe someone could answer this question!

I have read the howtodoit guide on style management and it makes sense, but I did notice that the guide doesn't clearly show how to edit the colour of board headers. So on the index page for example, the default header is a blue box that says 'forum' in orange letters in it.

Does anyone know which codebox relates to changing the colour of that box?

Thank you
myff admin

1. You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link/address of your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not. DO NO GIVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN LINK IT MUST BE THE NAME YOU CREATED HERE.
  2. Search on the forum and on howtodoit for your problem before posting. 90% of the posts we get have easily found answers if you search on a couple of key words from your post. If this is not the case report the keywords you searched on and we will make sure search works for the next person to try the same search terms. Each time someone doesn't bother to use the search, questions accumulate in the forum making it harder for people to actually find answers! as people searching will end up finding the question and not the answer.
  3. Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers.

As I said, I'm not admin so I can't link to the problem. The site itself is

I have looked on howtodoit - I'm looking for clarification on the guide there. I've tried searching the topics here but not found anything specific to my question. If there's a topic I didn't manage to find that covers this question specifically, please link me to it
myff admin

I can't see :

So on the index page for example, the default header is a blue box that says 'forum' in orange letters in it.

There really cannot be a general set of instructions as each template is different. Colors may be in explicit graphics, the template files, styles management, the css file for the template.....

Don't worry about it, I ended up changing every single colour to see through trial and error what changed.

The template I'm talking about is the default one you get when you sign up to myff. I posted the address in my last post as well. Not that it matters now, got the answer! Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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