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Changing announcement and stickey text colour
Hi is is possible to make the text appear as in the attached picture?


myff admin

Not exactly as you picture it, with different announcements/stickies in different colours.
But if you look in viewforum_body.tpl you can use stuff along the lines of:


<!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_TYPE == 2 ||   topicrow.S_TOPIC_TYPE == 3 -->
<!-- IF topicrow.ROW_NUMBER is even -->
      <li class="bg1">
<!-- ELSE -->
   <li class="bg2">
<!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- ENDIF -->

1 is sticky, 2 is announce , 3 is global announce.

As such you can control the CSS and style topic types differently.

Thanks, I'll have a play Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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