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Change text color in popup


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popup text

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So I created a report post button using this
<a class="gensmall" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="'/action.php?action=REPORT&popup=1&p={postrow.POST_ID}','report','height = 300, width = 300')"><img src="/templates/myfs_academyofcombat2/images/lang_english/icon_reportpost.gif" border="0"></a>

from symon's guide.  Everything functions correctly except that the text and the text field color are the same, so you can't actually read what's in the box unless you highlight it.  Anyone know how to change the color of the text or the text field?

myff admin

So much depends on the template. you will probably need to edit cms_report.tpl and look at the "class" of the textarea field compared to the class used for the textarea field in posting_body.tpl.

Thank you.  Didn't exactly work the first time but it led me in the right direction, looks like it depends on the "style" Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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