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Change of ownership ::

Hi MFF Admin Team,

As requested, here is the thread.

The new owner will be Haydn whom has corresponded in the other thread.

AdminTeam wrote:
Dear RS Club Members,

We trust you are all well.

The RS Club Administration Committee is presently in the process of scheduling a routine upgrade and attending to some pressing technical issues, as many long standing members will recall the RS Club Forum has undergone a few structural changes over the past few years. MyFastForum requires the current administrative team to select a current administrator as the new stand in "forum owner" since initially Rassie was allocated this position. The current administration team has appointed Haydn as the new temporary forum owner, Haydn presently attends to all the IT and forum structural related issues on the backend.

MyFastForum will need to ensure that all members are happy with this decision, please could we kindly request your assistance in this matter, the sooner we can move on this, the sooner we are able to enhance the current platform and offer a better forum experience to all our members. We as administrative members of the forum would like there to always be clear communications amongst all our members.

We look forward to an exciting 2014, the upcoming championships will mark another successful milestone in the clubs history and we are proud to forge this path together with YOU, THE RS CLUB FAMILY!

The RS Club Administration Team

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Link to thread added for cross reference purposes:
myff admin

I have contacted the email of the forum owner with the address of that thread.

You should make sure this thread is linked to in your thread, and then hopefully we can get this resolved.

We have never aimed to be obstructive, simply to keep to a sane procedure that protects owners against forums being hijacked.

Thanks a million!

Understandably so, however the process could be more efficient from the onset, possibly allowing the owner to entrust for argument sake another two members as replacement owners. Our situation is unfortunate in the sense that the owner no long keeps in contact with the club and no one else is able to find the credentials required.

Regardless, I understand you point and intentions.  

This has been posted on our thread:
SpongeBob wrote:
Members - here is the progress thread with MFF should you wish to monitor the progress.
myff admin

It has always been possible though often ill advised for an owner to give the control panel password to someone.
The control panel is understood by us as proof of ownership, though there has been enough trouble even their with people getting hijacked.
There simply is no perfect system.
A forum that is established should always consider for itself how the scenario of the owner disappearing needs handling before it actually happens.

As admin says for a forum where joint ownership is intentional, then a control panel password can be shared, along the same lines that a secretary, treasurer and chariman are signatories to a bank account. However, one person does need to be the person 'responsible' for the forum if there is any kind of dispute, and so this system is pretty much as good a system as it could be. With any system there will be cases where it doesn't quite fit the needs of one group, but it has worked well for many years as is. Even now there is a procedure to change the ownership in place for you which would probably been resolved by now had our original requests been followed.

Hi There,
Any feedback on this?
Thanks in advance
myff admin

Will review tomorrow and progress it.
myff admin

Just one last thing, I need the email/pm details of the new owner.

myff admin wrote:
Just one last thing, I need the email/pm details of the new owner.

Hi There,
Here is the profile of the new owner:

Seems like I am unable to PM you his email address.
myff admin

I have pm'd the password

Thank you very much!
Safe to say we can lock this thread

Good Day,

We have changed owners as Haydn has left our Forum.
I am the Current admin for the site and is trying to get the forum back on track getting maintenance back on tract ect.
http://renaultsport.myfastforum.o...t.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3008 my profile on the forum

What is needed from you and me so that we can move ownership?

I have a huge amount of questions for you regarding spamming of the site ect.


If you read all the post in this thread it will tell you what is needed and how best to go about this.

Again you have posted at the end of a thread that is over 2 years old, posts like this can be missed, it is always best to start a new thread. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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