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myff admin

Catalog portal progress

Its all go the the development front at the moment.

Not only do I have a clients web site to get off the ground, we have the "delete all a users posts" for phpbb2 feature, adding more portally bits to phpbb3 and now we also have a new idea that also has to be high priority.

The new idea steps from where we have been struggling with a pretty poor recipe component, not an ideal situation on a site like downsizer

The final conclusion reached is that we can create a generalized cataloging portal that will allow full text search. This has wide reaching implications beyond recipes. The core point is that rather than have people type out recipes on the main site, they post a recipe as a normal forum post. You then have a button that allows the recipe to be cataloged as a recipe (or whatever) along with keywords.

You can then have portals views that show the recipes, thumbnail them, search them and all sorts. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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