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myff admin

Catalog portal done, well sort of :

Have just added the admin interface:

The next step is a big one as it needs a good work out, and this will be done on the downsizer forums.

Downsizer was created prior to myff and runs a bastardized version of the myff forums where bits have been cherry picked from myff as and when needed.

The problem is the catalog system is kind of full fledged myff code and hence I need to upgrade the downsizer forums a lot to cope.

It makes sense to do it this way though, downsizer has a massive recipe catalog that we want transferred to something better, and this is my attempt to write something better. What will come out the other side will be improved on where the catalog system is now.

Then we will put it on phpbb2 and then phpbb3.

The coding is another step forward in aiming at more compatibility between phpbb2 and phpbb3 portals, but there are still essential issues like the catalog portal needing to access post information and that information being different in 2 and 3.

At which point I will rant a bit more about phpbb3, if ever phpbb4 comes out, we will have the same level of difficulty, like phpbb2, phpbb3 has failed to abstract the functions of the forum from the database  Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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