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carphunters fishing forum

Hmm well you should really say what the site is about ect.

carphunters fishing forum

sorry all

the forum is about course fishing  mainly carp catfish etc and info on lakes we have fished in uk and abroad and up and coming trips were planing. plus lakes the members have fished with there info .but as it stands there is only me and one other on there??thought fishing was one of the top sports around

please take a look

admin/ mods hope this is ok

First thing I noticed was a military 'new posts' theme on a fishing site (pistol, grenade).

That comment alone made me go look, and that is a very good point - the post icons don't really match.

First thing I noticed though was the portal..... I really don't know what to say about it besides "YIKES!"

well what can i say im not that good on these things as it is and as this is my first go at building a forum and even going on a computer i dont think i have done to bad but each to ur own  but if any of you wish to give me any clues that would b great

Rather than trying to fix what you have I would simply get a different template. Your template does not have to be what your forum is about but it should definetly not be something else.  Wink

cheers hack
i will go and have a look and try and change it

well i have had a look and changed it  and i think its ok but now i dont know how to change the logo at the top to what it was and the text colour the first time was luck hit the buttons and hope  and as im new to this please tell me more about the portal ??? and what you mean by YIKES

sorry if i seem thick ... but i am.... never did this before not all wizz kids on computers
Zudane <-

That is the portal.  It's covered with pictures, which is an eyesore.  It's rather painful to look at for me.  Besides that the top image is not on the internet.  You cannot use pictures off your computer, or only you can see them.  You need to upload them (to your site or to a site like imageshack/photobucket) and then you can link to them.

A portal should be just as the name says... a portal to other places.  It should show links, information, help people find what they need.

I just added a portal to my forum (not-myff hosted) that does this:  - you can't get quite all the same features though, but the point is that it shows important information and recent posts.

Nice update on the style though.  You need a template that fits the feel of the forum.  In part because it helps set the tone.
myff admin

Loads of our successful forums use no addons, often not even a change of logo.

If you are not good at this sort of stuff then don't do it. Just try and run a forum.

well there you go thanks for ur comments  but as you said i am new to this so i will have to leave it as it is but the more time i spend on here im sure it wont b long and i will b able to change it .. as for the pictures they are all from my photobucket so im not sure what ur on about . as everybody who has looked at the site can see them fine so they say  

I do not see them.

Looking at your code you have...

"C:\Users\Renov8\Downloads\klwapJ1256051940CEDAR 222222.jpg"

This is an image on your computer and only YOU can see it.

hack can you tell me what you see on my forum please its doing my nut in  what they said   i think it looks ok (but what do i know im new)?? cheers hack be honest

Click this image...

Click to see full size image

This is what I see at the top of your home html page.


cheers m8 i will sort that  Wink   i hope

just want to say did abit more to site and i think its alot better than at the start of all this...but as for the comment its an "eyesore" i think it looks alot better than some on here not to much stuff on the main page its to the point ok theres some pictureson there but thats what its about catches!!!one i looked at there was to much to take in it had a clock.writing all over it down the left down the right .top .bottom any where they could fit it but as i said each to ur own

i know whats coming...wait for it ////////// they have members i dont  
im working on it these things take time

The main thing to do though is work on getting content on your forums, which will draw members.  Over time you can develop the style and design more.

But really you need forum content - that is what will make people stick with your forum.

cheers   i will take ur comments onboard and try its just so hard with only a few members there is only so much i can talk about to myself     once a few more join up and start posting it will pick up but cheers again you lot have helped me alot

The main place you will get members at the start is from friends.

well thanks guys got a few more members now slowly working out but cheers for all your help great team .. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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