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Cant access my forum, but others can.

Hi all my problem is as i've said, i cannot get onto my forum.

 I go to and all i get is this error page,

   Connection Interrupted.
   The document contains no data.

    The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

Usually i can solve my own problems with a little google and time, also the suppprt section.
But i really cant find a answer, or i hav'nt looked enough ( Due to little time ).

Ive asked other people that use the site if they have had problems and so far only 1 person is and tthats my brother.
And he lives miles away from me.

My ISP is o2 if that info is any help and i use Firefox 3, ( have tried IE7 still same error)

Thanks in advance Smiteme.

Try following the guide here

If clearing cache doesnt work you may find this thread helpful.


one of the posts says that this worked for them, there are other posts though (haven't read all of them) good luck.

In firefox, type: "about:config" in the address bar
then, type in "ipv6" in the top filter bar
if the value = "false", right click and select "toggle".

the value now should change from "false" to "true".

Wow imba fast response guys ill take a gander.

Ok ive tried clearing the cache, tried the thing in your "qoute's" and visited that link to mozilla.

Have tried everything in the mozilla thread so the only possible thing it could be is maybe my o2 wireless box.

Ill have to dig abit more.

Thanks anyway's guys for the link's.

Go to internet options and clear all cookies, temp interent files, etc etc.

Ok after trying everything i could possibly try i emailed o2 who are my ISP.
And 5 hr's later i can all of a sudden access my site.

So im guessing they were blocking summet, if anyone else gets problems and are with o2 you know what to do get in touch with them.

Ty again for the responses. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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