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Cannot find how to change colour in theme

Template I am using is we_universal

I have been through the theme editor and cannot work out how the colour is being applied for the header topic sections of the forum (the colour behind GENERAL DISCUSSION, etc)

Maybe it's an image but where is it?

Thanks for your help.


Ok, I have found that this is producing the coloured background:

/* Forums tables */
.forums-wrapper {
background: url("{T_THEME_PATH}/images/bg_list.png") repeat-x;

How can I view the the .png and change it?
myff admin

There is a dropdown in the template editor for image directory and image.
You should get to the image there, save it to your PC edit it and upload to a different name, then change the CSS line you have posted.

I have checked the image sets page for my theme styles and in the drop down there is no image labelled with that name?

If I knew what it was I could overwrite it I guess but I don't know what I am trying to replace?
myff admin

it should be in the Select Image dropdown under editing templates. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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