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Cannot access my admin panel


admin, admin panel, panel

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I am trying to get to my admin panel on my forum, but with no luck.

Every time I click on the link to get there, I am asked to log in again, which i do, then I get the message I am logged in correctly and will be sent straight to the admin panel, but I keep getting back to the main forum page.

When I click on the link again, I keep getting asked to log in, which I do correctly, my login details are correct, and also the forum tells me that is the case.

It only does not send me through to my admin panel.

Please help.

myff admin

Clicking on the goto admin panel link again will usually get you to the admin panel, but there is a basic problem when you first try and get in, as phpbb3 has altered the code to break older templates.

If as you suggest clicking the link again once logged in the first (or rather the second time) to the admin panel does not actually get you there, you can go to the control panel instead and reset the template to proSilver.

Thank you for that.

I see now that my other forum at is doing the same thing, even though it uses a much more recent template.

I have followed your advice, however, I still encounter the same issue.

myff admin

Try clearing your cookies then.

Sorry, makes no difference whatsoever.
myff admin

When were you last able to access the panels?
Nothing has change recently in the phpbb3 code, and hence it either has to be a template issue or a local PC/Cookie issue.
I can't think what else to suggest right now.

I accessed both of them 2 days ago.

I cleared the cache in the control panel, deleted the cookies on the forum, deleted the cookies and cleared the cache on my local machine too.

All without result, I'm afraid.

It has now turned out that Google Chrome was the culprit.

Looks like it is sorted.
Ask Mr. Religion

Klauwaart wrote:
It has now turned out that Google Chrome was the culprit.

Looks like it is sorted.
Yes, Chrome is dangerous when doing admin work. For example, if you look at a user's profile and change something, then save, Chrome will also change the password in that profile as its autofill feature is a wee bit too aggressive.


Hmmmm, yes,
it is not the first time Chrome has caused me grief.  

And not just for my forum.

Chrome tends to be quite buggy, to be quite honest. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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