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Can't seem to find right template



template edit template

My forum uses PHPBB3 and runs the prosilver style/template.
It is as standard set to Dutch.

I have noticed that in some of the notification emails, some language/spelling mistakes occur, and also, some of them are part Dutch - part English.

I made an account with username editor and gave myself admin privileges.
Yesterday i managed to get into the templates, and see the email templates, they all were correct, yet I still get the emails as described above.

There is also a second style called kvoostende.myfreeforum.org1, which is probably a copy of prosilver.
That one, however, is deactivated.

I did switch back and forth between setting the template in prosilver to the above, is that why the next thing occuerd?

I tried to have a look at the templates again today in prosilver, but got the message "Only copied styles can be edited".

My questions are now:

    *How can I get back into the templates to look at them/edit them?

    *Where is that other template (the one with the mistakes) so I can correct the errors?

    *Is the new Dutch language pack from any use to me, or do you use your own?

Your help will be much appreciated.

you install a template, you then copy that installed template to one of your slots, then you need to go to the bottom of the template list to install you slot template before you can start editing, a little gekke I know, but what it does do is make sure the actions are what you want.

Thank you for that, but I am not 100% sure I understand what you mean by installing a template and copying it to a slot.
(Or rather, I am not sure how to do that, especially the copying bit, how do you copy a template?).
So, if you could give me a pointer on that I would be grateful, as it would probably solve most of, if not all of my problems.

A little more detail:

When you chose a template you like and click install, you go click the template link on the left and you now see that template listed with it's name like for example khaki_black and to the right of that you have these links > Details Copy | Deactivate | Export | Delete | Preview

by clicking copy you can set that template up, so you'll be able to edit it, so click copy and pick from on of four slots you have and hit submit, now click the template link on the left again, once that page loads scroll right the way down to the bottom of the template list and the last one there should be the template by the name of the slot you chose, and there should be an install link for it, click install, now when going to the template link for that template slot you should now have an edit link, whether you make the template default and override it in the board settings is up to you, but you should now be able to edit the template you want, I'm sorry it's a little long winded, but there is no proper guide

Yes, I was just editing my post about that:
I do not have a 'Copy' feature.
Under 'OPtions' I have "Change, Buffer, Details", and under 'Actions' I have "Refresh, Export an Delete".
No Copy, though.

screenshot me what your looking at, try to keep the text readable if you shrink it please

here you go.
A word of warning, though: it is in Dutch.

Details, Deactivate, Export, Remove, Preview.

And the template one:
Change, Buffer, Details  Refresh, Export, Remove


I only know a small bit of dutch but I'd say those translations are off in those pics, in the second pic you have edit and it's the first link, as the order of links wont change from the below.

Edit | Cache | Details Refresh | Export | Delete

and for the first, it looks like you got the style you want copied to one of the slots and installed, so that's right, you just have to start using your editor account to start editing the template on slot 1, by setting that template in the editor account user control panel, as the editor account is the only account able to see past the template override.

Thank you, Nick.

However, when I click on "Edit" for the prosilver template, i still get "Only copied styles can be edited".
The Edit link does work with the kvoostende.myfreeforum.org1 style, but I can't see the email templates I saw in prosilver (don't remember for the life of me how I managed to get in there   ), I seem to remember there were templates there with the .txt extension, that seemed to contain the (email) notification templates.

So, still not sure where to go from here, sorry for my ignorance/clumsiness.  

Thank you,  Nick.
it seems like I am beginning to get it bit by bit.  
The style/template kvoostende.myfreeforum.org1 is indeed a copy of prosilver.

So far, so good, and I can obviously get into the 'Edit' function for that particular template.
However, when looking through the list of templates, I cannot find the texts of the email notifications anywhere, although my Dutch language pack is fully installed.
I cannot even find the texts of the emails in English (like i said, before, but don't ask me how, when i went to the list before, they were there as .txt files, now there is only .html and .tpl).

I must admit, although PHPBB3 gives loads more features, PHPBB2 sure as heck was a lot easier to work with.

So, if i can now find those notifications, I am in business.
myff admin

The phpbb3 email templates are only in the common language area and hence I can't see how they would be editable.

On our version of phpbb2 the email template are made available in the template editor for editing.

OK, I see.
A pity then, because the Dutch ones do contain some grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Thank you for your help, nick.
myff admin

Klauwaart wrote:
OK, I see.
A pity then, because the Dutch ones do contain some grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Thank you for your help, nick.

You might want to point that out on the forum at

There is not much point in us accepting corrections to language packs as they will be overridden by any changes in the official release.

Best to go to the source and hope they will correct there.

Sure, i will do that.

Thank you, Nick.

One further thing that came to my attention:
when trying to edit a theme, I got this message:
"The theme requires that its stylesheet is parsed. This is only possible if itís stored in the database."
How do you store the stylesheet in the database?

myff admin

What theme were you trying to edit?

All editable themes should be in the database. There is not an actual option to do that. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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