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Can't create a new forum

I have two forums runnig here. I'm trying to create a new one.
I've completed all fields and clicked the create forum and.... nothing happened.

The new forum is    hike.myfastforum

Help please...
myff admin

Have you filled in the CAPTCHA fields, there are forums being created on

Is there any error shown?

Yes I've filled the CAPTCHA fields.
When I tried to login to the newly created forum the error message was:
The forum does not excist. A second attempt resulted in:
Invalid password for forum name.

Can I use for the new forum the same e-mail address and password that I use for any of my other  forums?
myff admin

You can reuse everything. So I can't think what is going on but then you give no complete links which never helps.

Here is the complete chain of events:

1. I've tried to create a new forum:

2. Now I'm trying to login to the newly created forum:

3. I'm clicking the login button.
4. Error meassage is dispalyed:

Invalid password for forum hike. (I have typed the correct password).


Any idea? Still can't create the new forum.
I'm getting the same error messsages.
myff admin

no forum has been created.
what happens when you click "Create Forum"?

When I put the mouse over the Create forum, the grey button becomes green, the Create Forum turns blue.
When I click Create Forum: Nothing seems to happen.
When I go to Forum login and type the forum's name: "hike" I get an error message: Invalid password for forum hike.

When I'm trying to browse: I get a message from your server:  
Your free forum does not appear to exist.

It is obvious that the forum was not created. I've tried that several times.
myff admin

What browser are you working with?

IE10. I had already problems with it.

I have tried now Google Chrome and it did the trick   .  

Thanks you for your help.
myff admin

eek, that's useful to know as that must be hitting other people

It's not over yet.

The forum is created but I cannot access it.
I am getting an error on my password: Invalid password.
The same happens in both IE10 and Google Chrome.

myff admin

try using lost password.

Sorry but it doesn't work Forum Index -> Off Topic
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