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Can someone help put this logo on my forum?


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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> Umm ok, I'm doing the best I can: My question is - Can someone with the authority please enter the following logo to my forum header please, I've been trying to for 2 days and it just wont show up on my forum header. This graphic is the right size and it just wont work, besides I dont understand how the "change Logo" part of the admin board works. Doesn't make much sense, and there is no description to expalin what each thing does. Other than that I have no complaints so far and things are progressing nicely, just hope someone will add the logo for me as it seems I am unable to do it myself. This part of the admin board needs to be far simpler to use.

Anyways I think the Myfastforums are a great community resource and congratulations to everyone involved on such a successful venture, if someone can do this for me I would be eternaly grateful, only thing stopping the launch of my forum at this point, thanks.


Forget it, I worked it out, thanks. Sorry for any inconvienience.

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