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myff admin

Can I sell someone a Lemon?

One newly configured forum client server in need of road testing...

Probably very fast for now, and I suppose the likelyhood is that it might remain virtually empty, so maybe not a bad deal to transfer to.

The minor downside is if there are little server issues due to the server not being set up quite right, then there will be a little downtime as the aim is to make this a perfect template of a forum client and so if changes get made, the server will be shutdown and copied which takes 15 minutes.

You selling a server? How much?

Or have I misread it?

Bravo wrote:
You selling a server? How much?

Or have I misread it?

Boss wants a test forum on the server, to gauge any issues that may arise Wink
myff admin

Yep, some sucker to brave the waters, preferably a phpbb2 and a phpbb3 couple of mugs  Wink

I may do the support forum for phpbb2, but as I say there will be a little downtime and that is especially bad for the support forum

The joys of skip reading after having a beer...
myff admin

Actually there should not be downtime

I have been missing a trick or three with XenServer  

You are welcome to use either one or both of my forums. The one I have just started, so not much traffic on that one yet. The other one a bit more traffic.

At Her Feet Forum

Kat's Logos Forum

myff admin

Many thanks

Not quite sure when this will happen.
myff admin

Just to cap off this discussion, I have just moved the support forum over and will in fact start aggressively moving more servers from Monday.
Without the threat of downtime the only issue is the normal new server teething problems, and hence we may as well get the show on the road.
The key benefit of this server is that the IP addresses are on our own subnet, hence if at some point in the future I want to move forums on ford to another physical server it will be done with simply a few hours downtime at non peak hours, as there will be no need to change the forum IP addresses.
myff admin

Given there were a few more teething issues, I did not progress moves in the last week

But I think we are good to start again now.
myff admin

It is notable that with just 35 active forums, the virtual Ford server is sweating a little  

Now Ford the virtual server is running on what was Ford the real server and which now has another pretty heavy job on its hands, but it is still interesting to see what will happen as we add to the load. No forum need worry about this, we can increase the power of Ford very easily and as I don't tire of stating we have the server power now to run several times the number of forums we do But by taking the opportunity to study a server at full load we can learn more about effective server configuration. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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