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Can i please have these ranks on?

Id like this for my forum please.

Click to download file
myff admin

You should do these as private ranks, uploading to a template.

Only full rank sets are added to the general ranks.

How do i upload it? With phpbb3?

When i upload it to the template would it show in the images to choose from?
myff admin

Ah in phpbb3 you probably are a bit stuck.

Does anyone have an idea on this? Is there a rank set that these ranks fit in with?

part of the chronicles set, ties in well

Don't know if this will help, but I found some Warcraft 3 rank images here:
myff admin

Nick(NR) wrote:

part of the chronicles set, ties in well

good one. Have installed there.

Thanks very much . Using Ranks Straight Away! Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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