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Can I have a closed forum??


I have set and run a very successful forum - with majority of the members remaining active. Recently, as we did expect, we have been having people join us for the wrong reasons, and when I remove them for not following our simple rules - they rejoin under different names etc....

So my question is - Is there a way to CLOSE membership? Or maybe make it so people wishing to join have to provide info on why they wish to join, where they found out about us, do they know a member etc????

I know its a lot to ask - we do have it set so the account needs to be activated by admin but have found that if the account isnt activated - or the user is set to not active - any mass emails sent still go to those members - even though those awaiting activation are not technically members - are they??

Any help/advice greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance for your time on this request - and for previous help given in helping me to set up and create a forum all our members love!

myff admin

You can delete the members you don't want activated before a mass email. Which would just seem like good housekeeping to me. So I am not really sure what you want?

also, in reguards to them specifying a reason for wanting to join, yes this would be possible.

in the admin control panel you can create custom profile fields.

all you need to do is create one in there asking the user that question, set it to required and set to show on the user registration page.

Thanks for the info - I do regularly delete the non active members - I send them a PM asking if they are happy with the things happening on the forum - and then if still no reply I delete them!

Have been looking through  the admin control panel Daniel - and I am just lost by all the jargon - maybe it is because when I first set up I follwed teh advice in YOU ONLY NEED TO FOLLOW THIS - and so far that has proved correct.

When it comes to the create custom profile fields = can I ask, on the page it has some sections already selected - do they stay selected?

Is there a sample of how to fill in the EDIT PROFILE FIELD page that you know of please?

Once again, thank you for taking the time to help me

myff admin

You should look on howtodoit for guides.

Please don't post in silly colours and font sizes.

Thanks for the info

And sorry the text and size were changed - thats just the way I reply on my forum

Have gone over to HOWTODOIT

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