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buying a domain name

i didnt know where to put this so il ask here.i have been running a site now since feb this year,we are doing not bad in the google search,but we was hoping to do a little better.So we are thinking about buying a domain name from here,So i was hoping i could have a little info about this.

1-By having a domain name will this help better with search engines.?
2-Do we have to do anything to the site once we buy the domain name.?
3-Can we still use this site to ask for help once we change over.?
myff admin

thank you for that,It has answered my questions very well.But i have one more,By buying the domain name from yourselfs does this mean our site will then become ad free?Or is this another add on that we need to pay for?

ad-free is separate.  The domain only gives a new domain to access the same forum from. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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