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Bogus Java Update Pop-ups  (on Wonko).

Just had reports of (and I have seen myself) getting pop ups on the forum to a bogus and I assume malicious Java update site. Prompts to run an exe from a very suspect looking address.

Sorry or the relative lack of detail.

Anyone else had this?

What can I check for please if this may be within my control as a forum admin?

I didn't want to speak too soon, but this went away yesterday not long after I saw it occur and had other reports.

Thanks to whoever dealt with this (who I also assume already on the case before I posted).

The problem has returned.

I got the problem searching for new posts. The forum redirected to 1231kasfao . net/2/?lang=en&id=ta28c&subid=1569302093&sub=17990&sub2=gb%3fcch%3dcd&lid=fp&dc=11 (DO NOT CLICK) which I suspect to be a malicious flash player update.

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