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Happy Easter to everyone. I joined a site called Surfers United thinking they were doing something good. This site, a site called Rebels and someone named Rive Caedo are being blogged about all over the Internet. There are blogs in the United States, Ireland, England and Australia that I know of. They have a 'blog squad' whose goal is to post 500 different blogs in sixty days. I couldn't get to the list, its in a hidden forum. They don't want to have the problem they had on another site. Can't figure why they'd spend so much time doing this. Thought you'd all like to know.

Go Rebels! Happy Easter, everybody.  


sounds like a cheap plug for your own forum...

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy self-advertisement.  

But it's poor taste to post it as a faux-legit topic when it's nothing more than an advertisement.
Rive Caedo

Did the IP of "Petey2009" match OPFor Rebels'? If so, I apologize on behalf of Rebels.

If not, I suspect this is just someone seeing the-old (or new, apparently?) blogs out there. OPFor (whom I'm not sure of the Rebels-based identity of) simply replied with a cheery endorsement of the board in question. No trickery afoot. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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