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myff admin

Bits and bobs

A few musings today.

The CATALOG portal continues to develop, it is now in live testing on downsizer where I have tweaked some issues with the permissions system for cataloging, this actually meant rejigging the database storage for entries which rather validate testing this first on one site only. Will it make the 4th anniversary mark? downsizer is likely to move at a glacial pace on this, so maybe not But good things can wait.

I have been on a mission lately to clear down the number of emails spam and otherwise received. This has involved ramping up SpamAssassin settings to kill more spam, I'm going to up this further depending on what dribs and drabs make it though the net today. The level of spam had got to the stage where mobile use of email was being crippled   Last night I also hit on the idea of sending a lot of system notifications to a mailing list system that will send on just a digest a few times a day. Not so good for spotting issues as quickly, but there were too many notifications for constant checking anyway, so this should be better.

The issue of checking for errors moves me on to new server plans, when we do get the new system up and running I plan to write a whole lot more by way of system monitoring software. Obviously we do have ways of monitoring the system in place and check 24 hours a day at one level or another. But I think things could be better.

Lastly for the day I'm hoping to get the new PC arriving, along with some gigabyte networking gear in a few days time. The new gear will basically end up configured to act like the panned new server architecture, with that cost looking like more than 9000, 500 spent on hardware to investigate options is money well spent.

ps) Some of the emails we get from users, in fact a serious proportion of them come with no subject given, and little coherent content. It is possible the new spam regime will have trouble with some of these!
myff admin

No pc

But some progress on the catalog stuff, though mostly it has to be said about the issue involved in importing data from the existing recipe database on downsizer to the new system. All the same some issues have been found and fed back into the myff code.

Search is also looking better with the searched information being available as you drill down. All rather vital to it being useful.
I think I will implement the catalog on the support forum as a way of making the most useful posts available on a specific search. May be a bit messy having a general search, the howtodoit search and the catalog search  Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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