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Birthday portal in forum description


Is it possible to put a portal macros inside a forum description ??

Here's what I tried...

I got a forum for all celebrations (ie: birthday wedding, bady birth...etc). I wanted to put the birthday portal in this forum description but all I get is the macros in plain text... {MYFF.BIRTHDAY}

I dont want to add it to the whos online table, I think there's enough infos on there already.

Not a big deal but would like to know if there's a way to do this.

Thanks !!
myff admin

Not currently, and I wonder about the extra load of doing that all the time, when it is the only time it has ever been asked for.

Ok no problems, at least I know its not something I missed.

You dont have to work on it on just my questions... I was just a bit picky on it

Thanks for the fast answer as always !! Forum Index -> Portal components
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