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Birthday Notification Action


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I have the birthday bit working fine, but wanted to extend it, so thet it notifies moderators the day before a birthday (so that we can post a happy birthday post ) and also send the user a Happy Birthday PM on the day.

Now, the filter seems to be the key, but what keyword would I use in the VALUE field to test for current date? I can then (I assume) make a filter equal to current date to send the user a PM via an action, then a PM a day before via a filter of current date minus 1?

Or perhaps there is a way to do this from the BIRTHDAY portal itself? (I totally lost at the point)

Or perhaps again, I cant do this as it requires a user action at login/visit time ...


myff admin

Once again this falls outside of the designed behavior of the system.

When the dust has settled from all the things currently going on, I will be taking another look at ACTIONs in general.

Oh well, did wonder if it would be feasable.

You never, know, some of my strange requests may spark a good add on one day! I'll keep thinking of things for my forum tho, hope you dont mind!  

Thanks for reply

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