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Bird Graphics *graphics makers LOOK*


Bird Graphics  need members and also staff

Bird Graphics is all about people who wants to learn or gain more experience about Graphics.

So if your a Graphic maker or want to learn how to make one then this is the place for you.

We Provide:

Photoshop and GIMP tutorials for you to learn.
Show Off Area for you to show off your work and get Comments and Critism.
Graphic Duel (1 vs 1) for you graphic makers to have a battle with your friends.
Graphic Tournament to become the best signature makers.
and many more...

But we also have some problems that is for example:
The CASH Portal problems for a virtual shop
etc etc

but dont worry...i (editor account) will fix the problems in mere futures

Thank You. Hope to get members

Not a bad idea, but I wouldn't suggest trying to recruit here.  Any members here are not looking to join forums unless it catches their attention.

Plus Bravo runs cgarts, ( which many people use for graphics here.

Hope they catches this attention:D

thanks for the reply and the site of cgarts Forum Index -> Post your forum
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