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myff admin

Big new server on order

Today I spent 7,500 on another big new server

This will give us a total of 64 cpu cores and 184gb of ram  

The first to benefit will be those on Ford (including the support forum) Ford is the weakest of the servers that run forums.
myff admin

This is now in transit and so should be arriving tomorrow

Which will mean a Monday installation.
myff admin

I think it is almost certain that with this server we will begin the transition from paying for units of rack space, to paying for a full rack at the datacenter... it is all a far cry from where things started... and all quite painful... mounting debt, mortgage not paid for close to 6 months.... but we will get through it as we are risking the debt because the business is growing....
myff admin

Annoyingly delivery looks like being Tuesday

retreated from the full rack solution, decided to start moving the older 2U servers out of out current allocated space instead, they will still be connected, and so this way it pares down the costs until we run out of space.

What will be being installed though is a backup "switch", and I'm going to install the new server without any clever network tweaks designed for better performance from non local disks. In my view "better" still did not make it effective. So better to go for simple and more maintainable. We have never put active forums on slow disk, and advert serving is also not something one can give anything but the fastest access to.
myff admin

Well the office is a little quieter now, for some barmy reason I was using the 24 port rack switch in the office, said reason being I only have 4 port gigabit switches, but who really needs a 1gigabit office network? I don't. So its back to 100mbs in the office and the rack switch will head for the datacenter.

I have also been doing some calculations of the cost effectiveness of our old servers which were transported back to the UK at considerable aggravation and expense, at this point in time when you add up all the numbers, there are still little or nothing to be gained by pensioning them off Which I'm rather relieved about really.

Over the next day or so "Andromeda" will be move outside of our main rack space to make way for B5 the new server, this will entail forums on "Slarti" going offline for a bit, which should be no great tragedy there is only about 1 access a second to slarti, all of its forums are those designated as inactive, every few days about a dozen forum of slarti that have come back to life get transferred else where, leaving slarti to wither slowly away.
myff admin

The new server is now live at the datacenter.

We went through what seems like the mandatory "it's not pinging" stage where the datacenter sets the network up wrong and spends an hour saying its not their problem. It seems like routine now, but it is still nerve racking

The initial plan of action is to remove some of the advertising server load off the existing servers and on to this one. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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