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Best Poker Game Out There I Reckon

Hello there, I am on a lot of Free Poker Clients, which I'll list below and explain which one I prefer the best and why. so here I go, and this list is not in order in which I like the most or least:

Planet Poker (
My username there is KyleJesse

My username there is kxygotthepower

Absolute Poker (
my username there is WARRENPOWER

Full Tilt Poker (
My Username there is KyleJesse

Ultimate Bet (
My username there is KyleJesse

Doyles Room (
My username there is KyleJesse

Party Poker (
My username there is KyleJesse

Poker Stars (
My Username is warrenpower

Those Poker sites I mentioned above are very good indeed.

They are good you can either play real money tournaments or Play Money Tournaments or Just Ring Games.

However the one that I like most out of the list I mentioned above is PKR.

The reason I like this one above the rest is because of the following:

Beautiful Graphics, create your own avatar, Get into Freerolls for FREE, where you can actually win some Real Money without putting a cent in there.
Dress your avatar customise him/her with Dress, Costumes, Suits, and even Jewelery, select the voice of your avatar.

And when you play it feels like your really on a poker table.

Regardless if it is Play Money or Real Money you'll feel like your actually at the tables.

So if I were you, I'd join PKR today!

PKR is the best 3D Poker game out there yet.

And PKR is available for the PC and also the MAC, so regardless if your a MAC User or PC User you'll still be able to play the game!

Please remember to use me as a referrer and my name there is kxygotthepower

On A side Note:

The only downside to PKR it does take a chunk out of your memory!

Full Tilt Poker all the way. I use to spend most of my days on Full tilt. Once I won my first tournament I was addicted. The freerolls were amazing. I don't play much anymore. Just can't find the time. Use to go to a friend's house and play four tournaments on two computers (8 total) at the same time. Those were the days...

I too quite enjoy Full Tilt Poker, but based on graphics and tournaments PKR beats them by several miles, they have plenty more too offer.

Don't get me wrong FTP (Full Tilt Poker) is awesome, but the graphics are just not that great!

The only thing I like about FTP is that if you get eliminated in a tournament it'll ask you if you want to continue in another tournament, instantly, and if you win 1st prize in a play money tournament, it'll tell you how much you'd have won if you were in a real money game!

But as I said PKR in my opinion is the number one poker site out there!

How come you have stopped playing online?

I played poker online during and right outa high school. Now im so busy with college and work, along with the occasional video games and forums, that I haven't had time to play poker. Plus I have my social life of family and friends that usually take up the spare time. I have a sleeping disorder and I use to spend long nights playing poker but now school work or other things occupy that time. Work has put stress on me lately as well since curently I am the only one employed. Just me and my boss who obviously owns the business. Hours have gone up.

Oh how I wish I could go back to the days of playing games, photoshopping, poker, ect, ect.

I may try to find time this coming week if I can to play a game or two of poker on FTP. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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