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BBCode for a Single User


x_help = "mods only button";

Is it possible to set it for a single user instead of mods?
myff admin

You can use the {USERNAME} or {USER_ID} macros.

<!-- IF USER_ID == 10 !-->

<!-- ENDIF -->


I know I'll get slapped for asking, but where do I put that?

I tried replacing the mods only button with <!-- IF USER_ID == 2 !--> <!-- ENDIF --> and it simply removed the ability for anyone to create a new topic....

I'm not certain how to get to the macros area talked about in the howtodoit sections I've been reading.  

I have also searched those specific macros and read through the various macros threads on the support forum (mostly by some moderated user getting slapped around).  I did read through the thread "New template macros."  I have tried to research this on my own.  I'm just not certain where to put that code for this specific purpose.  

I want my y_help, which is the [lm] tag to only be usable by User ID 2.
myff admin

We need to see the actual code you have tried. Copy the relevant bit and post it in [code][/code] tags.

Where should this go?  I can show you the code, but having zero idea where it should go, makes it tough.

Does the macro go in the Portal Settings/BBCode/spacer# or in the posting_body.tpl or somewhere else?
myff admin

It would go in posting_body.tpl which seems to be already stretching your knowledge of templates/html/javascript.

You may want to slow down a bit.

You learn by doing.

Where in posting_body.tpl would it go?
myff admin

Learn by understanding! I have said put it around the button, you do need to know enough HTML/Javascript to see where a button is defined, otherwise people will literally have to do all the work for you, and we don't do that. Forum Index -> Portal components
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