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Banning Countries


Keywords: ban countries, ban country

I get human spammers from the same couple of countries all the time, yet have never got any geuine member from any of those countries as they wouldn't be considered regions where football would be of much interest, so i was thinking of banning the countries entirely.

I found this website that seems to give the IP ranges for countries so i was going to put those IP's in the Admin Panel - 4. Users - Ban Control, but that website didn't list an IP range that covered the IP address of one of the human spammers from the same country so i have doubts as to the reliability of that website.

I don't want to ban a whole continent obviously, so has anyone used that website before for their Ban Control, and if so have they found it to be accurate, as in, did you still get genuine members from the countries that border the banned country?

Or any other website that anyone here found to be reliable with IP ranges of countries?

Or if anyone has experiences that they would like to share in relation to this type of issue?

myff admin

IP ranges would be very tricky. It would be better to see if we could use our own geolocation system to disallow people.

We could probably quite easily fit this into the existing ban system. If you specify a two character country code it could put that in the ban list and use it.....

That sounds great.

Should i post the country codes here, or do you mean that we'll be able to do it from the admin panel?

I definitely have two countries that i would like to ban completely, and there's another 3 countries that i'm skeptical about but will have to research using the Admin Panel's Action Logs.

I have to also get consensus from the other admins of my forum.
myff admin

This would work on the official two letter Country codes, as you see at the top left of this forum.

No doubt China and the Ukraine will feature...

Forgot about the Ukraine actually.

Personally China is the worst for me, followed by Vietnam and Thailand.

I think India and Russia have been on my radar before aswell, but i'll have to research and get my admin's consensus.

I won't be able to do my research of the Log Actions until next week, i was just wasn't sure if banning countries could be done accurately, but your method sounds best.
myff admin

Thanks a million, that's very handy. Forum Index -> Running your community
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