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myff admin

Bad day for internet sanity in Italy

Notably this is actually against EU law which:


protects service providers from liability for material that they neither create nor monitor but simply store or pass on to users of their service.

Our position is much as googles seems to be, freedom of speech is preserved, which includes the trash talking that frequently occurs in "flame wars" on forum etc.
But when something is bought to our attention that is not a "tit for tat" argument, but is bullying, harassment or invasion of privacy then it will be swiftly dealt with.

That's just ridiculous, it's like blaming you guys because someone on one of your forums sent a legally questionable PM to an other user. How can you be blamed for it?

Sounds to me like the judge simply doesn't like the freedom provided by the Internet (not that I condone uploading of illegal videos), the service provider can't control the content that people upload to his service, he can only moderate it.

Like they said : "The video was totally reprehensible and we took it down within hours of being notified by the Italian police. We also worked with the local police to help identify the person responsible for uploading it and she was subsequently sentenced to 10 months community service by a court in Turin, as were several other classmates who were also involved."

What more can you ask for?
myff admin

You are right, when you look at it in the the political context, the Italian establishment is looking for sticks to beat the internet with Forum Index -> Off Topic
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