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myff admin

back with the 21st century

It's funny how things go, I always believe in using technology where it makes sense.

I'm proud of the fact that in a couple of places I got rid of computer bug tracking systems and replaced them with people writing on paper   The computer systems were awful paper worked better!

One of the things I have not done for many years is classes and super classes in mad abundance. In fact I have been having a run of being a Luddite, which is funny as I once wrote class base systems in a language that did not really support it. But I strongly believe things should only be written that way when it is right to do so.

over the last couple of days I have finally found a server monitoring project where classes are made for the job, and so I can demonstrate that my coding is not out of the ark   In fact I think what I'm doing stretches the boundaries of classes in php

I think this is the happiest I have been with classes though, last time I really really needed classes I had to totally invent the infrastructure to support them, at other times in between they have been convenient but in all practically doing nothing that desperately needed the class concept. Now finally I'm doing something that needs it, in a language that properly supports it. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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