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myff admin

Back to work

Work proper that is, as in trying to add new stuff to the system rather than crisis manage.

In the last few weeks we have had a phpbb3 upgrade, upgraded the forums management system, had the worst spamming attack ever and a minor server crash on Zaphod, that capped off with being forced by the spam attack to release new phpbb2 code that was not quite ready and which had some consequences

Things clearly need to calm down before changing more code on the servers, and to be honest a little break from work is also needed. Today therefore has been about making a few bites out of the new Xen virtual server system, or rather the "mock" set up that will be used to test things.

To that end two virtual machines have been set up as the first step. One is K9 that is successfully running a DHCP server as it pretends to be and ISP and Jack the pretend office machine that has now got its IP address from K9.

I think I am going to spend the rest of the day with my head in some networking books as a refresher before going further.
myff admin

One of the issues here is remembering we are pretending to be the internet, and we need both to see what we don't need to do and what simplifications are needed.

The two key points are:

1) A home PC will use DHCP to get an address from a router, that will be a private NAT based IP. The router will itself use DHCP to get a "real" address from the ISP.

2) Our pretend internet is its own isolated world and should not try and see the real internet. The routing that involves might be a good exercise but it is not the point. We should simply give each maching a network interface that can see the real net so we can install stuff, but that interface should not be up following a boot.

So with point 1, our "home" PC has no need to have the double step of pretend router and pretend ISP, it should be more like a good old dial up client and connect directly to the ISP.
myff admin

Okay that is all done and dusted in terms of being what is actually needed.

But that does also rather to conveniently side step the learning process So lets create a lot more virtual machines that do the complicated bits simply because they should be learned.
myff admin

I got all the virtual routing done, then tried to include the actual office machine in the loop, turns out both my router and version of Ubuntu have bugs/problems and I spent a slightly disconcerting time trying to get back a working office network  

Time to call it a day on that I think. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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