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Automatic Ranking System


Is it possible to set up a ranking system so that members ranks change automatically when they reach a certain amount of posts?
myff admin

That is how ranks work, just look in the admin panel.

so the ranks i made will automatically go up with the amount of posts they make.
I cant actually see a section to sort out what rank they get and how many posts they have to have made

Where do i find info about this...

Ive looked in 'admin cpanel' then 'users and groups' then 'manage ranks'  but in there i dont see a way to..for example make a persons rank change when they have made 50 posts.
myff admin

When you go there and set "special rank" to no, the post count for the rank will appear instead.

This is a typical bit of confusing phpbb3 dialog

ahhh, i got you now.
Thanks for your help

OK i have added the ranks and set it to no but now the ranks are not showing, im totally confused now

Its not working, i set the ranks to 'no' and set the post count.
But the ranks are not showing for my members

im so confused now because if i change it back to yes it takes away the post count and just stays on the rank i select.
Its looking like im gunna have to do it manually which will be a mega pain in the butt if i build a massive publisher base
myff admin

I suggest sticking with it. It may be ranks will start showing once caches settle down.

e.g. set what you want and see what happens after 24 hours.

ok will do, thanks

in 'manage groups' i take it i leave the 'group rank' on user default.

the other options are user default,mod,admin.

I would have thought there would be another option to add the automatic ranking.

Arghh im proberly thinking about it to much lol Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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