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myff admin

Automatic management system updates

Now we have so many domains, the business of keeping them all in line has become unwieldy.

Whilst this has always been partially automated, some manual steps are getting more of a pain with each new domain.

So one of the quick tasks on the agenda is a nightly automatic updating system.
myff admin

Feeling quite pleased with this so far

I am not actually copying the phpbb3 upgrade code, but I am modeling things on it.

it seems quite absurd in a way as for the actually task I need this process for, I already have code that would have done it in fewer lines that I have so far written, but this will actually be far more powerful and capable of many useful things in the future
myff admin

The newsletter system just updated in the office grabbing newsletters from the domain that is kind of primary.

This helps pave the way for more communication where it may help.
myff admin

And now each domain stays up to date with knowledge of what other myff domains there are

I am quite chuffed with this, as the code to do each new thing may be as little as 6 lines thanks to the large frame work around it.
myff admin

I have also added what is known as a "mambot" which is code that works on the content items of the domain to add functionality, in this case the mambot is the simplest I have ever written and replaces the macro {domain} in content with or whatever domain the content is on.

Having done that I have made content and mambots get updated as well, and by rewriting the content a little all domains will be able to be instantly updated with new content. This will get over the domains looking a little dated content wise as it was a lot of aggravation to update across all the sites.

The only major item after that is the free forums creation module itself, but there we probably want each domain to be saying different things.
myff admin

Content categories are now being updated as well So all told 5 things that were a pain to do, are now done with a mouse click having made the edits on one domain.

It is another feature that fits well with the general way our system operates. e.g. it is networked and not monolithic, if for the sake of argument the domain was corrupted, then forums would continue to run, as would everything else outside of operations on the domain itself. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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