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Aussies forum
An Australian Cyber Community

A social network forum for: Aussies living in Australia, Aussies Abroad, Other Country People moving to Australia.

The standout in this forum is the Social Section. It includes a Singles section, a Platonic Friends section and a Social Events section where members can organise get togethers.
Ideal for friendly people that would like broaden their friendships online & in person or looking for a relationship. We have a variety of sections including motors (for motor bikes, cars etc), hobbies, employment etc.

I aim to have a friendly, community feel to this forum. All cultures, races and sexual orientations are welcome. Admin does not allow any discrimination.



Hey... I know a few aussies, I'll point them your way.  Mind adding in a link to my forums as well? <-- a collection of image links you can use with code for the html or bbcode.

Hi Zudane

I just added a pinned section for links. Yours is the first one and it looks great! I wish I had your talent at building logos (sorry or what ever they're called). Mine looks rather crappy in comparision!! (Wouldn't be hard mind you  
Zudane (I think that's the site - bravo's the one for it) can make you some.

Otherwise I have some talent building logos and that, but not a whole lot.  Some of the work on mine comes from members of my forum.  One member is skilled with pixel art and clay models - he's really quite good with it, and another is good at making other interesting backgrounds and abstract art on the computer.

Okay, I just added a link to yours.  Let me know when you have an image - I'm figuring a way to set the affiliates up soon. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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