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Atari 2600

Every now and again a little gem appears on the net,, im a member of freecycle and saw a post offering one of the original game consoles and a few games..

To my surprise i got it,, it has come complete with original box and even the original advertising leaflets inside it..

Takes me back to my youth ...


You got an atari?  Wow those are old >_>

I'm a nintendo kid, with the NES as my childhood playtoy (though to be honest I've played nearly every console - save the latest generation since then).

But I used to love those game.... Ah.. donkey kong jr was so fun!

The best thing was it was free......

i grew up with this game console the original pac man etc   had hours of fun ..
myff admin

Our kids still mutter about getting an old Nintendo (I say kids, their 20 and 17   )

I still have ps1 and 2 an exbox and xbox 360 and the original Nintendo love playing zelda on that.  as well as all the hand one like ds etc...

Just got 2 towers aswel yesterday so that makes 4 pcs 1 laptop and one notebook..

its like an internet cafe in here lol

I say sell it:

I might end up with a nintendo64 at some stage in the next week, will be funny to see what that's like it has been a while

Going to keep it all boxed,, well might have to have a few games on it,, then hand it down so too speak...

I still remember playing on the Atari lynx aswell lol

I used to love playing on the Atari back in the good old days, wait, i'm just 19.

But still, I grew up with all the old consoles and computers.

Had several Atari's in my time lol.

I get the pleasure of taking them apart too as my dad always takes all the copper wire and any alluminium out of electric stuff before throwing them away.

The Atari was definately a great console lol :p

Great stuff Symon.

I too had the original 'wooden look' Atari and it was happy days spending all those hours playing on it. River Raid was probably my all time fav game on the VCS

Suddenly I feel very, very old . . .

I remember the days of loading programmes into an Acorn Atom via a cassette player . . . it took ages, and the noise was excruciating.

Minotaur was fun, though. Until it got you.

Still have all my old consoles somewhere; Atari 2600, SNES, Mega Drive, N64 and a ZX Spectrum 128 somewhere (I think).

With all the emulators and such on the net nowadays there is little need to get them out. I'd rather save them in good condition. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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