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Around 1000 Posts gone.


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Ok, So my forum has lost about 1000 Posts after a mod hacked the forum

I Was just wondering how much it would cost for those 1000ish posts to be re-stored?

myff admin

A restore costs $15, but will lose all posts made past the restore point.

$15 Just for 1000 posts?  
myff admin

That is a subsidized price. You obviously have no idea of the work involved

Ok, So say i did send it,

When would the posts be  re-stored?

How long will it take?
myff admin

It would be a few hours.

Im in a similar situation.

A mod whos now an ex mod deleted a few threads and some posts,id like them back.

Any idea when the restore point would be though?

We are a busy forum so might end up losing even more new ones
myff admin

Restore point would be around midnight, so by the time a restore is done (and it does take time) you will lose a days posts. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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