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Anyone want to exchange links?

I run two forums at the time, both are BRAND NEW.  They were just finished last week.

I want to get members, active members.  So i want to link exchange with a forum with a decent amount of members.  It will go as usual, you put my links on your forum and I put your link on both of mine.  The two forums i run are:  <---- It is a paintball forum  <---- It is an Xbox 360 forum

So please, if you want to link exchange, that would be good.  I WILL NOT link exchange with any forum with questionable material on it (You all know what i am talkin about).



I have a new forum as well, I amde for our rs clan. We have 100+ members, althought atm only 17 have registered. I expect a flood in the next few days.Here is a link to the web page where your link OR image will be displayed. Old Farts Clan Best viewed in 1024 x 768. You can reply via the adevertising link on the left navigation menu. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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