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myff admin

anti spam measures

Fighting spam is an ongoing issue, and over the last few days another round of measure has been taken to hopefully reduce spam registrations on forums.
Largely this has been about zapping spam domains that have been elaborating their disguises.

Good news  and thank you once again for your hard work and effort.

Spam is a big problem for us. Any advice on what we can do ourselves?

I have viewed your board which is very large in content and members.
You can close it off from the internet that only members can view, any new registrations then will have to be given access by yourself if you`re happy with the authenticity of the member.

Leave the first part of the board as it is and do a separate topic giving notice about membership and spammers registrations. I know it`s difficult having to police your board for registrations. However I have found that the emails from Russia, Ukraine and China are the ones to delete or ban.

Hope that has helped


Glad you go after spam.....

So please get rid of the ebay links re-directing users to viglink shopping pages.

It makes for a real crappy experience. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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