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myff admin

Another quick test

The picture is not right, but do we get a fade to another piccie and back on mouse over.

Slightly embarrassing here I'm using one set of code on the other page, and have discovered "Jquery" for this one. JQuery seems a hell of a javascript library to serve all purposes.

I think my client here will just have to live with an inefficient mix of tech though. I just don't charge sensible rates for little bits of work like this, and so there are limits.

From and end user POV I think the rollout effect should match the roll on. So to keep up the "after" picture I need to hold my mouse over, I was left confused as to whether or not a new picture was going to come or anything else would happen because after rolling out it stuck for a few seconds.

I prefer over jQuery, admittedly I've never used jQuery properly though, heard lots of good things about it though
myff admin

I agree the cosmetics might be tweakable for some improvement. But on the whole here I'm aiming at "working reasonably well".

ff3, flicks to after pic on hover, then slowly fades back to before pic, plays nice tbh

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