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Another forum not being careful
last night
i went to login last night and someone had hacked into my admin pannel ,deleted all contents ,i then i recived an email with my login details
i changed all the login details , then today again it happend
and another email came with my login info

i have not put any more contents on my forum ,incase it happens again

what should i do
Danny M

Why Post In This Section

So how many admins did you have on here ?????

Who did you tell your pass word too. ???????

First things first change admins email address in the admin panel.

Now goto your control panel for your forum and change the admins password,

Now go back to the board and disable all other admin accounts.

then LOOK after your froum.

are you requesting the passwords? if not someone may have access to your email, so login to your email and change your email password, then request the password for your forum and change that again.

      please lock

THE FORUM IS OK              
myff admin

You are the one resurrecting a year old thread  

threads do not get locked without reason. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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