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myff admin

Another datacenter goes live

We installed 4 servers and 3 network switches into our own rack in Leicester today  

Quite an interesting exercise as previously we have had the datacenter do the task and share rackspace with other businesses.

Doing things DIY is always an education, not least the fact the it really is useful having two people to lift heavy servers onto rails, so I'm glad two of us went.

The next plan on the server side is to start looking worldwide again.
myff admin

After messing with the new servers for the better part of 12 hours I have finally found the misconfiguration in a Switch that was leading to rather mysterious and on and off broken (which of course for all practical purposes means broken) internal network behaviour.
With the new set up all main servers now have 7 network ports so that in principle if a network card or switch goes down or if some idiot pulls the wrong cable, things hiccup but recover and carry on rolling. But the more complex you make things the more of a problem it can actually be  
myff admin

Another three servers each with 96gb of memory are now on order for Leicester.

I think that makes 20 servers, 13 big and 7 little.

It's a lot to manage and we are now putting out feelers for how we can sub-contract stuff, things are all now at the point where a "generalist" like myself who can do everything from the 'c' coding to installing bits in racks is less and less the ideal person for a lot of tasks. Getting specialists into each area should reap benefits.
myff admin

It's not exactly on the topic of this thread, but it is interesting that at least at the moment the support forum is loading quickly.

We might not expect that to be the case as the physical box it is on has "maxed" out this evening due to a client tripling an already substantial load without warning.

We do have the means in place to take the strain on other servers, but that is best put in in the morning, meanwhile it is actually quite interesting to see the hardware "sweat" and make use of the load balancing that is in place to in theory keep things working well despite the "crisis".
myff admin

Got the three new servers today, what a far cry it is from the heady day less than two years ago when I took delivery of our first big server to be placed in the UK!
The new three are 20,000 or so of kit that have been received pretty casually, they probably bring the average to one new server every 6 weeks   It has ceased to be much of a novelty. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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