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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> we was looking at the howtodoit post,we done all the steps but got lost because at the end it asks you to look for cms_index.tpl.The only one i could find was cms_index_body.tpl and there was no{component=my front page component} to change.

so can we do the annoucement on the template we are using?
myff admin

The guide is dated, you do edit cms_index_body.tpl and the COMPONENT mentioned there is set in the OPTIONS portal to be another portal like STICKIES.

i dont seem to have an options portal in my list
myff admin

It should be first in the list.

that worked a treat many there an up to date cash mod cos ive done
this one

where i have highlighted it can not be changed the choices i have are CASH,FLAGS,BIRTHDAY i got the cash text to come up in members profile but when they add posts to the forum it does not add the cash,any ideas.?
myff admin

Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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