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An admin refuses to delete my profile from a forum


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I can't get an admin to delete my profile from his forum, he continues to be stupid and refuses.       Can you take action please?                This is his forum:

myff admin

This is totally up to an admin. There are sound reasons for now allowing people to delete their information.

leaving a forum


It is myself who has requested admin to delete  my profile, as I no longer want to be a member of that forum.  Surely it is not a difficult task to delete a member (me)  from a forum?

People can leave can't they ?

Yes you can leave a forum if you wish, you can also if you have access to your account delete all or most of the information you gave.

Normally when someone leaves a forum they are not bothered if their profile is still there or not, and normally an Admin would delete it if they were asked, so i think there is more to this than just you wishing to move on.

I have no wish to cause bad feeling or go into detail. I simply requested admin to remove my profile altogether from the forum.    Quite a harmless request I should have thought.
Why can't this be honoured in a gentlemanly fashion ??
And if there was more to it as you suggest, it would be irrelevant anyway   .
If someone wants to leave then shut the door without a trace, end of story if they are not my kind of folks.

I did ask politely last year, and now just recently it has been made into a big issue for no reason whatsoever other than just plain stubbornness on admins part.  I thought coming here to ask for help would solve the issue.  I'm not interested in haggling or arguing with anybody, I have other pressing  matters to deal with.  
Yes I want to move on.
I myself have a forum to run.  

Thanks for your understanding.
Ask Mr. Religion

As an admin at a site deleting someone from the site may also include issues related to the number of posts made by that person. Deleting all a persons posts means that there will be other posts containing quotes made by that deleted person that no longer map back to that person's original post. This makes for an unpleasant experience for other users. Also, if there were behavioral issues of behind the request for deletion, the admin may want to keep all records of that person's behavior available for future reference. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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